WordPress Tip of the Day – Author Lockdown

Author Lockdown With a proliferation of automated bots crawling the web, many with less than good intentions, you may want to block enumeration of your author permalink(s). To demonstrate the problem, run the following query, substituting your domain name: http://yourdomainname.com/?author=1 you can increment the number until your author permalink is displayed. Here’s a sample screen […]

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It’s a multi-screen world, are you in or out?

Position your business to tap into the multi-screen world. If your business is still relying solely on print media, you’re headed in the wrong direction. If you’ve made the transition to the digital world with a website but have not optimized for mobile then you’re still missing the exploding opportunities in multi-screen media consumption. Media […]

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Why Buying Local Is Worth Every Cent

Buying Local – a double win. You can have a greater impact on your local economy by spending your dollars in your local area. Plus buying local not only helps local small business, it’s good for the environment too. Buying local cuts down on processing, packaging and transportation wastes. Click to Enlarge Image Why Buying […]

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