Biggest Mobile Website Mistakes

Avoid these 3 mobile website mistakes

Number One

The biggest mobile website mistake is not designing a mobile optimized website. Trying to force a normal site to “respond” as if it were designed for mobile is to misinterpret the typical mobile experience. Mobile users are more action oriented in their intentions and more attuned to function over form. While speed is advantageous for any website, it’s critical for the mobile user as high bandwidth connections are less likely to be available. Limit the use of graphics and video and make sure both are optimized for performance. For a great mobile website experience, less is more. If you are a publisher, producing a large amount of content for your audience, then you may want to consider coding mobile versions of your site pages/posts to conform with Google’s AMP scheme. For most other websites, the preferred method of optimizing for mobile is to employ responsive design. In other words, the layout of the site changes (responds) to the type of viewer device. If designing or redesigning your website is not possible, then the next option is to use a separate website for mobile only. When a visitor lands on your website, the type of device they are using is automatically detected and if it is a mobile device, the viewer will be automatically shown the mobile optimized version of the website.¬†

Number Two

The second biggest mobile website mistake is designing for mouse actions instead of finger actions. Use “tap” optimized functions instead of clickable links. Space these tap functions to allow for large fingers and easy targeting. Limit scrolling by using¬†collapsible/expandable tap functions. Take advantage of built-in “tap to call” functionality and “tap for map” convenience.

Number Three

The third biggest mistake is not testing for maximum compatibility across the major mobile device types. What looks good on an Apple mobile device may not look good on a Google Android device. Careful planning and testing can prevent these common mistakes.

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