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Strategic Marketing Consultation

Strategic Marketing Consultation

Before you can reach your goal you need a blueprint. A cohesive plan of action executed in a strategic manner in order to leverage the strengths and assets of your business in the most cost effective manner. I’ll draw that roadmap for you, explain the best route to get there and even drive you there safely and surley.
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Business Basics

Don’t make the critical mistake of building your business on somebody else’s property. You may wake up one day to find that you’ve been evicted and your business shut down.

eviction noticeAvoid building an income stream that depends solely on the use of third party real estate. This could be social media sites, search engine results or even direct mail. Always maintain focus on your own website where you have complete control. Use other websites and services to augment your marketing efforts with the goal being to always begin and end on your site. By doing so you will avoid becoming too dependent on third parties that have their own interests in mind which may or may not align with yours. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. are powerful and used strategically can help your business grow. Likewise, ranking in search engine results is very valuable. But ultimately you have no real control over those sites or services and more than one business has been taken down because they became too one dimensional and too dependent on a site or service that decided to make changes that had a devastating affect on their business. Build a solid foundation by building your business on your own property (website) using a variety of tactics and techniques to attract customers and always maintain ultimate control.

Be THE Expert

Position your business as the go to expert and reap greater rewards with less effort and cost.

Many Small Business owners focus solely on increasing revenues by obtaining new customers. But if you correctly position your business as THE Expert in your local area, you’ll be able to charge more for your product or service. By increasing your price you not only lessen the need for “new” customers but you also reduce your acquisition cost while at the same time increasing your net profits.

Track Your Business with Google Alerts

Be proactive with monitoring and measuring your business so you can react if and when necessary.

If you care about your business reputation then make this simple exercise mandatory.Googl Alerts

Create a Google Alert for your business name and another Google Alert for your business url.

This will allow you to track any instances where your business name or url appears online.

Check your alerts often – daily recommended – but at least once per week.

Stop Selling and Start Helping

Your prospects are not looking for your product or service. They are looking for a solution to their problem.

Your customers have a problem and they are looking for a solution. Help to educate them on the best possible solution to their particular problem. Demonstrate your willingness to put their interest FIRST. Be available when they need your help and respond promptly to their questions and concerns. Stop selling and start helping and watch your sales soar.

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